Green I want you green

Green I want you green


Oil painting on DM wood, measures 24 high by 19 long, framed in white. It represents a still life with oranges on a table with a daisy tablecloth. Cheerful painting with bright colors.

This section brings together leading artists, all the same format (19 X 24 Cm, on a 10-millimeter MDF board) and all at the same Price € 200.

Various trends in contemporary art will be represented.

All of them have decided to participate in this proposal, despite their contributions,

with the idea of promoting collecting.

When you buy your first painting, you already become a collector .

With this initiative, we want it to be natural to acquire a work of art,

enjoy the works of art in your own home and get close to high-quality artists.

This formula allows us all to be able to have signatures that on other occasions

they are more expensive, and thus start or complement our own collection.

The paintings are presented without a frame.



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Segovia – School of Arts and Crafts. 1981.

Sargadelos – Ceramic Course August 1981.

Madrid – School of Ceramics. 1982.

Milan- Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. 1982-85.

Madrid- Contemporary Art Workshops with Julio Le Parc

Palma de Mallorca -Scottish Engraving Workshop, Miró foundation. 1993.


1984 Fax Simile Gallery, Milan.

1984 Exhibition Hall Delegation of Culture, Palencia.

1985 Moriarty Gallery, Madrid.

1988 Termino Gallery, Madrid.

1989 Gallery 4 Gats. Palma de Mallorca.

1990 Caja España Room, Palencia.

1991 Gloria de Prada Gallery, Barcelona.

1991 Bárcena y Cía. Gallery, Madrid.

1993 Sephira Gallery, Madrid.

1996 Atelier Gallery, Mallorca.

1996 Evelio Gayubo Gallery, Valladolid.

2003 Can Pinos Gallery, Palma de Mallorca.

2003 College of Architects of Palencia

2004 Gallery GMN & Cía., Palencia.

2010 Sardón Gallery, León

2010 Sale Bofard, Frómista (Palencia).

2015 30 Years of Painting Palencia

2019 Feel & Flow Gallery, Madrid.

2019 Arte-Mayor 44, Palencia.

2020 La Maleta Gallery, Valladolid.


1982 Mostra Giovanni Artisti della Academia di Brera. Garibaldi Study. Milan.

1982 Donna 82. Falsaperla Gallery. Milan.

1983 Mostra Giovanni Artisti della Academia di Brera.

Garibaldi Study. Milan

1982 Donna 83. Falsaperla Gallery, Milan.

1984 Fiori Chiari, Fiori Oscuri. Falsaperla Gallery. Milan.

1984 The Cities. Moriarty Gallery. Madrid.

1985 Young Art Exhibition of Madrid, Madrid.

1985 Air Expo 85. Palencia.

1983 Arganzuela Awards. Clock House. Madrid.

1984 Fuenlabrada Painting Exhibition. Madrid.

1986 Painting Exhibition. Council of Tetouan. Madrid.

1987 Circle of Fine Arts. Current Art Workshops. Madrid.

1988 Sextet Madrileño. Fac Simile Gallery. Milan.

1987 Young Art of Yesterday and Today. Itinerant Through Castilla y León

1987 A Tres Bandas. Ermua (Biscay)

1989 Alberto Sánchez Center. Three in a Row. Madrid.

1991 Bárcena Bergruem Gallery. March. Madrid.

1991 Bárcena Bergruem Gallery. Madrid.

1992 City of Palencia Awards. Palencia.

1992 Natures. Madrid.

2000 25 years of Painting in Palencia. Palencia.

2003 City of Palencia Plastic Arts Awards

2004 Teresa Cuadrado Gallery. Valladolid.

2005 ARCALE, Contemporary Art Fair. Valladolid.

2006 MARB ART, Contemporary Art Fair. Marbella (Malaga)

2006 Gallery GMN & Cía. Palencia

2007 Contemporary Art Fair of Seville, Ra del Rey Gallery.

2006 Ra del Rey Gallery Madrid

2006 Sardón León Gallery

2007 ARCALE- Castilla y León Contemporary Art Fair, Valladolid.

2007 BERNESGA Gallery. Lion

2007 Gallery GMN & Cía. Palencia

2008 Gallery GMN & Cía. Initiation to Collecting. Palencia.

2008 Gallery GMN & Cía. Initiation to Collecting, Palencia.

2009 Gallery GMN & Cía. Initiation to Collecting. Palencia.

2011 Rafael Art Gallery, Valladolid.

2013 Arteando Contemporary Art Fair. Irún.

2013 Gaudí Art Gallery, Madrid

2014 ArteandO Contemporary Art Fair. Irun

2014 Contemporary Art Fair. Biarritz.

2015 Contemporary Art Fair, Salamanca.

2015 Arte-Mayor44 Gallery, Palencia.

2016 Arte-Mayor44 Gallery, Palencia.

2018 Feel & Flow Gallery, Madrid

2019 Arte-Mayor 44 Gallery, Palencia

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