Pop art is a movement that was born to revolutionize the world, changing the definition that art should be classical and should be a representation of the ideal of the few.

In the mid-twentieth century this movement was born, the characteristics of pop art are inclusive, allowing everyone can express themselves through it.

What is pop art?

Born around 1950 in England and implemented after 1960 in America, it can be said that pop art is based on what popular .

The artists of this movement they opposed others who made art see as something not very inclusive and very classical, repressing those who could not adapt to these ideals.

In a way, it can be considered that this movement was in charge of bringing to light those things that were everyday and making them stand out within art. Being able to represent food, politicians, artists and many things that the public saw on a daily basis.

The best way to define this movement is to rejection of previous movements , fleeing from abstract expressionism as the main idea.

Its lines and colors are noticed, many artists have bases in comics and contrasting colors, this makes the artists of this movement are free expression .

For the art culture of your early years, pop art, meant a revolution , which led to a lot of criticism by other artists, this never stopped his artistic advancement.

Pop art sheds

By doing use of the common and everyday , the main representations of this movement arise from iconic products or artists of the time.

Trying to flee from the classic and stipulated, this art sought to express the ideas through collages , which could include clippings from magazines or billboards.

There have been so many ways of representing the vision of this movement that it could be considered that at present we live immersed in it .

Characteristics of pop art

Although it is difficult to pigeonhole, there are certain salient features that allow to define this movement, being starting points for new artists.

Exploitation of mass culture

By taking an interest in the everyday, this movement I take his inspiration from the public arena Therefore, it is considered that the main thing for its execution is the use of world icons.

The idea of it popular In the beginning, products that could be mass-produced and could be purchased by anyone were used.

Beauty enhancement

Considering that any object had its own beauty, expanding the definition of the word beauty, which, at the time, referred only to the venus and madonnas.

Thus giving the ability to search beauty in everyday elements , such as product packaging or relevant cultural characters.

Take out of context

Different techniques can be implemented to comply with this characteristic, one of the best known is collage, which allows combining unrelated elements .

The exhibition of half-naked bodies in valuable architectural elements, the representation of the Venus as everyday women and many other ways.

Denies virtuosity

Through this point pop art has made the popular praise fade , making artists and politicians see as ordinary people.

Within the art world, they make a painting look like something simple, which does not deserve great recognition for its technique, but, for its meaning .

Possible lack of relationship

It is common to see some works of pop art that unite unrelated elements some in everyday life, but that can perfectly represent a world situation.

Although it may not seem like it, pop art tries to represent daily situations through elements that may not be related, using figurative language .


A little humor does not hurt anyone, this movement uses it as a means of expression, being able to show a classic work as something different.

In addition, he makes use of this to point out that some situations may be possible or impossible in everyday life, giving a different sense to the works .


One of the most influential factors of this movement, being a fundamental base , many artists take provocation as their starting point.

This turned them into a movement provocative and controversial , thus leading to the masses getting to know pop art on a large scale.

Pop art artists

If you are interested in this art, which has now become a culture, we recommend that you take a walk through the galleries of some of its artists with the greatest exposure .

Roy Fox Liechtenstein

Author of some of the best-known pop art works worldwide, he became a great exponent of this movement, being known for his series Reflections on blonde .

Richard Hamilton

Recognized for his work $ he , in a strong and representative display, managed to create the cover of one of the albums of the British band The Beatles.

Robert Rauschenberg

Achievement to stand out for his series titled works Combines , with which he managed to represent his vision through the mixture of plastic arts; being the most common among painting and sculpture.

Andy Warhol

An American recognized for his serigraphy works, he greatly promoted pop art, becoming a guru for new artists.

Cultural influences

Currently, pop art art has influenced many art expressions , music, cinema, television, plastic arts in general.

This was the start of a culture , where we all develop today, most of the things that are lived today are influenced by this movement.

Advertising is one of the most influenced areas because this movement allows to show everything as an object of beauty.

During world conflicts this movement has served as a sign of protest, empowering the voices of many artists.

The characteristics of pop art have made their way with ease, the expression of ideals through art has become magnificent, fostering creation.

Pop ArtFinally, the work of many artists is recognizable who at the time meant a method of liberation of the time we were living; achieving the promotion of freedom of thought and expression, managing to give way to the world as we know it today.

We hope this article on pop art helps you understand the concepts of this movement and encourages you to learn more about it.

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